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Saiyyidah is a business coach with a creative and business consultancy background in strategy, change management and process thinking. Often described as practical and pragmatic Saiyyidah’s clients say one her biggest strengths is the ability to get to the heart of the issue and enable them to gain extra insights through appropriate and timely questioning. Her aim is to help individuals rediscover the richness that life has to offer and work with them to move through the critical points of transition. Saiyyidah’s background as an architect offers a creative, innovative and unprecedented opportunity for individuals, groups and organisations to recognise and develop their strengths and use of skills enabling perceived obstacles to be unlocked. Saiyyidah has over 20 years’ experience in the public and private sector organisations and has delivered across a range of regeneration, change management and business life cycle stages. Saiyyidah writes Work Focus column in The Muslim Weekly, the Muslimah Business Profile for Sisters Magazine, has appeared on Channel 4, Iqra TV, Islam Channel and Radio 4. In addition she has published in BMJ, Psychology Today and professional journals.

Saiyyidah is currently completing her PhD in Positive Islamic Psychology.

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