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Knowledge Into Action

Our Curriculum is carefully constructed by professionals in the field of education to ensure that courses taken compliment one another and that the diploma learning experience is holistic, indepth and structured.

The sacred sciences curriculum is divided into nine faculty areas. Each faculty area contains  unique and dynamic courses designed to strengthen faith, develop critical thinking and inspire students to put their knowledge into action by becoming exemplars in the society they live in.

Structured Curriculum

The sacred sciences curriculum seeks to be a platform in which those from many walks of life can gain a deep understanding of and connection to Islam and in that connection uncover the spark for life long learning.

Courses can be taken as a one off weekend to enrich and enlighten or as a collection of courses in a  to obtain a  diploma in islamic studies  (see below).

Faculty of Study
1) Seerah and Hadith Studies

Get inspired by learning about the life of the prophet and follow the footsteps of the pious forebears.

2) Creedal and Theological Studies

The interaction of revelation and reason to inspire the hearts.

3) Fiqh and Usul

How to live your faith.

4) Qur’anic Studies

Unravelling the final revelation to mankind,  the last testament.

5) Ihsan Studies

Ascend the spiritual path in your search for sincerity.

6) Arabic and Tajweed Studies

The interaction of revelation and reason to inspire the hearts.

7) Hadith Studies

An ocean of wisdom from the final messenger; drop by drop.

8) Da’wah and Apologetics

Explaining Islam through the sunnah of service.

9) Leadership and Society

Be the change you seek and take the world with you.