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Sacred Sciences offers weekend seminars, conferences, retreats and workshops in order to impart the sacred knowledge of the Islamic sciences. We provide a comprehensive and holistic Islamic studies curriculum that aims to instil timeless sacred principles that can be used in an ever changing world.

Sacred Sciences unravels the principles of Islam into carefully articulated courses which can be taken as standalone courses or combined on a pathway of study which earns the student a diploma in Islamic studies.


Our Vision is to enable British Muslims to develop a comprehensive understanding of their faith. Combining this understanding with their life experiences, the Muslims can then unlock their potential to become exemplars in society, serving the Creator and the creation by living their learning. Sacred Sciences facilitates British Muslims in all walks of life to live up their sacred responsibility.

Combining this understanding with their life experiences, the Muslims can then unlock their potential to become exemplars in society

Our model is based on inspiration from the Hadith of Jibril which teaches us that the essence of Islam is based on knowledge of faith, doing works of faith and becoming people of faith; or in other words: to Know, to Do, to Become.

Sacred Sciences courses are taught by a collection of specialised, British, scholarly tutors who aim to create students of knowledge who have wisdom, balance and a burning sense of social responsibility.

Courses are taught in intimate, personal groups where questioning is nurtured and critical thinking is promoted, where personal experiences meet Islamic learning to develop understanding of Islam in its contemporary context; to unlock the potential of British Muslims from all backgrounds.

Teaching is structured and learning is guided; delving into both classical and contemporary texts. While the teaching environment is traditional, the methods are modern with a strong emphasis on practical solutions for challenging lives.

Why Sacred Sciences?

Sacred Sciences hopes to empower a generation of British Muslims of all backgrounds who are connected to their creed, in tune with their time and actively involved in their communities .Thus serving the creator through living their leaning.

Let our courses take you on a journey through the oceans of the Qur’an, to the desert of the Seerah, into the lives of the companions and over the Hadith that shape our Deen. Give yourself the opportunity to fit the pieces of Usul al-fiqh and pick apart Da’wah and apologetics. Delve into the human psyche with Islam and Psychology and shape your world with our courses in Leadership and Society.

We challenge you to Know, to Do, to Become